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A Refernet walkthrough


One of Refernet's users - Phil Dobbs from Peterborough CAB, takes us on a quick walkthrough on how Refernet is used in their own agency.

You'll also find some quick videos on how to complete simple tasks with Refernet below.

If you require any technical support or need to ask some questions - just contact us


How long does it take to get started with 3-5 users and 3-5 agencies?

You will need to build your categories, sub categories, opening times and services for your network. You need to have agreed with the agencies you want to work with that they are happy to use Refernet (see our Word Doc invitation template in ‘Downloads’ which may help you with this), and then set up and send them their user details. We would suggest this half a day’s work for a small network.

What is the best way to engage the other agencies we want to use Refernet?

It is important to understand the politics of getting agencies to use ‘your’ chosen system. Some might be much larger organisations than yours and think that they should be leading a technological solution. It can be a matter of not bruising ego’s. Refernet, we hope will be a good solution, and it is important that you let them know that it is an independent Company, and that you will also be operating as an agency at the same ‘level’ as they will. You just happen to administer the network. Our invitation Word document might be useful for you to adapt (see Downloads here)

'Refernet has been invaluable in allowing us to provide a streamlined referral service for our clients. The ability to track referrals is excellent and the reporting mechanisms ideal for our work with funders'

Stephanie McAllister, Citizens Advice Luton

Quick and simple videos to get you started with Refernet

Note these tutorial videos are geared around Citizens Advice Bureaux and similar agencies in the UK. The principal of referring people across networks is the similar for which ever application you use refernet for. The main differences will be around the referral form – which will be application specific to your organisation/network use – and the categories you want to report on.

How to make a referral

The Public page. Overview & set up

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