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What is Refernet?

Refernet is a highly flexible and secure online referral system for referring (usually) people between agencies or departments for example, keeping track of the responsibility of who is referred, by whom and when. Reports allow comprehensive detail about those referrals.

Who is Refernet for?

  • Citizens Advice Bureau
  • Education services
  • University residents services
  • Doctors surgeries
  • Staff relocation
  • Legal services
  • Housing trusts
  • Parole services
  • this list is endless!

Priced to suit you

Refernet pricing starts at just £34 ($45USD) per month. Our aim is to make Refernet very affordable, especially for smaller organisations who need a robust system, but without the high costs often associated.

Refernet delivers

Refernet's core, is its flexible referral form. We allow you to fully customise the referral form. It allows you to decide all the criteria about the people you refer and the outcome descriptions and reports you need for your network



Refernet's system is built & maintained to the highest standards for data encryption, storage and password generation.

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Refernet is easy-to-use and integrate into your business. It's a dedicated system that links advice providers & referral agencies together in a web-based community.

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Refernet delivers unlimited referrals between organisations, networks & allows administrators to complete the referral process with a fully auditable record of conclusion types.

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Refernet was developed in conjunction with well known referral advice and local community service professionals, to deliver measured & conclusive referrals.

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'Refernet allows us to provide a streamlined referral service for our clients and the reporting mechanisms are ideal for our work with funders'

Stephanie McAllister, Citizens Advice Luton

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Helping Peterborough CAB


Peterborough CAB works with up to 60 agencies to deliver successful outcomes for its clients.

Advice Transformation Trainer Phil Dobbs, explains the key reasons behind Peterborough CAB's decision to use an online referral system for connecting with local agencies and the city council.

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Secure your system


We take security very seriously. Accessibility is password-protected for different user levels with random passwords generated for all site users.

Access to and from the system is 100% secure, while data integrity is assured through storage at a UK TIA Tier 3 data centre with 2048 bit encryption for all traffic.

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Mobile & Tablet


Refernets new interface is now fully responsive, so it works beautifully on smart phones and tablets.

We know that any of you mange your work and clients when out on the road and this makes sure you have your referral system to hand when out and about.

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